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Terms of Service 


What Can you Commission?
Portraits, both human and animal

Full body art works (both human and animal)

Still Life's and Landscapes (Natural 0r Man made ie: buildings)

Fan art (please note that I will not copy the original style of someone else. I will create a piece based on a particular character but I will not directly copy another artists style) 

Original Works: Your original characters, scenery, or settings for any story or idea original to you

Abstract Pieces. Please provide inspiration for what you want but note that I will not directly copy another artist's work. 

What I Will Not Create --
Any work that is pornographic in nature. This is includes overly suggestive clothing, actions, or situations.

Work that includes excessive gore or self harm. 
Work that implies or shows abuse towards anyone, adult, child, or animal. 


Artists Rights --     

I (the artist) reserve the right to turn down any commission request for any reason. 

I reserve the right to use, publish, and/or livestream and record the creation of the commissioned artwork.

 I reserve the right to use a certain amount of creative license with the subject matter in order to create the 
best composition.

All commissioned art work must retain my signature and proper credit due in the event of any reproduction of the work or public display (this includes posting it on social media, in magazines, books, cards, etc.)  

Clients Rights and Usage --

♦ The client owns the right to use the commissioned artwork in any way they so chose, but any commercial usage or political or business associations for the artwork must be discussed before hand and may be reason for the artist to not accept the commission.

If the client is planning on using the art for any purposes outside of personal (ie. hanging it on your wall), credit must be given to the artist in the form of a caption or title beneath the work. 

The client has the right to cancel the commission at anytime, however after the 20% downpayment is paid and the commission has been started the client is responsible to payout at least a total of 50% of the original commission price. If the client does not pay this out they will be unable to contract any new commission work until it is paid and they will not receive any work.

Payment information --

A 20% non-refundable (even in the event of commission cancelation) downpayment is due in order to secure your spot on the commission list and to begin work.

 All payments will be through Paypal. Once the details of the commission are finalized an invoice for the down payment will be sent to your primary email. An invoice for the remaining balance will be sent once the commission is complete.

For commissions priced over $100, partial payments are available to pay down over the course of several months. 

Art will not be shipped until full payment is received.  

Shipping is extra and calculated based on your region and size of your commission. Some smaller pieces over $100 may qualify for free shipping. 

In Closing --

♦ Upon contact for a commission it is understood that you, the client, agree to these terms of service.
 If  you (the client) fail to follow any of the above terms, I (the artist) reserve the right to cancel current projects and refuse any or all future work.

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